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    A motor does not care which polarity it uses. Positive or negative ground is no big deal. Actually the motors will love 12 volts. What you do need to change though is the relays for the window motors to 12 volt. They make some really compact 12 volt relays that will easily fit in the space for the original 6 volt relays. If you want the windows to operate as factory (switch up, window up) you can either flip the switches over or swap the wires. This will handle the reversal of polarity. Hope this helps.

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    As of this moment the IMOA show in Denver at the end of June is still going to happen.

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    Contact Gordon Hawkins who has a restored ’59 wagon. You can look up his contact info in the member directory to the right above.

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    Use the member directory to contact Gordon Hawkins. He has a couple of 60 Mercs. Just click on “access the member directory” in the upper right hand corner and you can find his contact information.

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    Which model Mercury are you working on?

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    There are two phillips head screws that you can see on the front of the cluster around the top. There are also four studs (two on each side) of the back of the instrument cluster. You will need to remove the nuts from these studs. Of course the wiring will have to be disconnected as well. Be sure to mark everything. Now for the trickiest part. To get the cluster out you will need to lower the steering column. There is a bracket that is held in place by two large screws with relative large phillips head bolts. These are usually very tight and you will need some leverage to get them loose. The problem is the screw driver is hard to hold in place and keep enough upward force to prevent slipping. Use a ratchet with a screw driver type attachment if you can. If you remove these I suggest you replace them with bolts that have an allen head.

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    The Comet guy for IMOA is Carlos Vera. He is in Colorado near Denver. You can find his contact info in the Member Directory on this website. He also has an ad in Quicksilver.

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    What year and model does this part fit?

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    I looked at my ’54 shop manual for a routing diagram for the vacuum hoses. There is no diagram for that in the manual. There is a vacuum line from the intake manifold that goes through the firewall to the wiper motor. You can “T” off of that to go to the heater valve on the heater plenum under the dash. This is the valve that has a cable from the lever on the dash. There is a vacuum line from that valve to the heater control valve on the block that exits the interior with the wires for the heater motor and cable for the vent control again through the firewall.

    Also, you would “T” off of the main vacuum line to the control that activates the washers. From that control a vacuum line would run to the washer fluid container.

    As long as those wires are hidden I don’t think it matters exactly how you route them.

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    Simply, yes. The kit is also offered by other vendors.

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    Check with C&G Early Ford Parts in Escondido, CA. They show the seal for ’39 & ’40 Mercs. Give them a call at 760 740 2400. Good luck.

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    What year and model are you referencing?

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    Typically the fuses on these older Mercs are located individually for each accessory. That is to say the radio will have a fuse along the wire taking power to the radio and so on for each accessory (clock, cigarette lighter, heater, etc.) There is not a “fuse block” like you see on newer cars.

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    Check with C&G Early Ford Parts. They show rebuilt distributors for your ’52 on their website. I have ordered parts from them in the past with great results. They are in Escondido, CA. They can answer your question regarding interchange. I see no reason why the Ford would not be the same as a Merc. I think they would also rebuild your distributor for you or have the parts to do so.

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    I would check with any good parts supplier for Ford parts. I looked at Napa’s website and also Dennis Carpenter. Both show oil pressure sending units for a ’56.

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