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    I recently bought a 1954 Mercury Monterey parts car primarily because it had power seats & windows. My initial thought was to move those items to my ’54 Monterey hardtop but I soon realized my car has been converted to 12 volt negative ground and the window and seat motors from the parts car are 6 volt positive ground.

    What would be the best option here?

    My car has resistors in the gauge circuits to make them compatible with the 12 volt system; would resistors work with the seat/window motors from the parts car?

    I even thought about converting back to 6 volt using a 6 volt alternator although I’m not sure what more would be required. Is that a
    better option?

    Thanks for any input; this is going to be a winter project so I’m do the planning now and need any help I can get.




    A motor does not care which polarity it uses. Positive or negative ground is no big deal. Actually the motors will love 12 volts. What you do need to change though is the relays for the window motors to 12 volt. They make some really compact 12 volt relays that will easily fit in the space for the original 6 volt relays. If you want the windows to operate as factory (switch up, window up) you can either flip the switches over or swap the wires. This will handle the reversal of polarity. Hope this helps.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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