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    My ’69 Marquis has not been run or started since the beginning of January. 🙁 Even though there hasn’t been that much snow around here (NE Ohio,) it has continued to fall just enough to keep the salt out on the streets, even when dry. The hidden headlights are still closed tight though, so that’s something. But I keep hoping for a break in the weather that might allow a little driving. Meanwhile I have kept the car cover on since then, which I never used last winter.

    If you are driving your Merc down in the warm sunny South, go ahead, let me know, I can live vicariously through your tales. 🙂



    I hear you loud and clear. My ’70 Marquis has been tucked away in a museum’s storage warehouse since last August. I’ll pull him out of storage in mid-April to get all prepped for the gathering here in Colorado in late June (if that’s still happening).


    That IS something to look forward to! I might be getting my car out for a spin in the next day or two. It is still very cold, but previous rains rinsed off the roads, and currently they are bone dry. Plus my car has a great heater!


    As of this moment the IMOA show in Denver at the end of June is still going to happen.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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