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    Hi all:

    My first post, and my VERY first classic car after YEARS of thinking about it!  I have a beautiful, original 10,100 mile Merc.  Probably sat round in a museum unused for many years.  She is beautiful, but now that I have motor on and am driving around a few miles 2/3 days a week, I ams seeking a leak(s).  The oil is red.  Does that mean it is a transmission oil leak?  I appreciate any help in troubleshooting and fixing this please.  I have her entered in a car show on Oct 9th.  Thanks much.


    Welcome to the Mercury family.  It is nice to have you join us.  Red fluid under a ’58 Monterey would indicate a transmission or power steering leak (if so equipped).  Both areas could be issues on a car that has sat for that long.  I assume you changed all the fluids before you began to drive the car.  The transmission leak could be a number of places but the pan gasket would be the first place to expect a leak.  This should be relatively easy to repair.  Other issues could be transmission seals which would need more extensive work.  Good luck with your project.



    Thank you.  It’s at a mechanic shop now.  The car does not have power steering so we have eliminated that possibility for the leak.  The red oil is puddling up at the rear center of the intake manifold, in addition to some drips below, by the transmision pan area.  The mechanic is puzzled why red oil is puddling at ther rear center of the intake manifold, since that is up top, not below.  They are still researching … Any thoughts are welcome on why/what is causing red oil to leak/puddle at the rear center of the intake manifold.


    Roy & Brenda Lange

    Not shure how close to top of your trans dipstick tube is to the back of the intake manifold, but on my 53′ Merc, when it was overfilled, (also possible if converter leaks out into the pan) it blows back up the dipstick tube and out the top. It just might be possible that when it hits the dipstick cap, it is directed towards the back of the manifold….just a thought. You might  let it sit overnight, then lift the hood and start it up and see what happens….mine sat from 1982 until 2009.



    Roy/Brenda Lange:

    Thank you for that bit of advice on what explain the transmission oil puddling around the back/center of the intake manifold.  I will tell the mechanic about your point.  The mechanic did tell me that there is a transmission regular/soleniod that hovers over the back of the intake manifold, and that is leaking.  Thanks again for your suggestion on what to look for.

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