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    Hi all!
    I read about the 239 engine having lubrication problems in the rocker shafts, because not enough oil is going up there. I have also read about the External Oiler kit that brings oil directly from the oil pump up to the rocker arms. Should I consider making this modification as I put a lot of miles on my ’54 Monterey?
    Thanks Ahead for any comments!



    I think if you have a newly rebuilt Y-block engine and it was cleaned out properly before the rebuild you should be fine. If you are running an original engine you should keep an eye on the oiling system.



    Well, my Y-block is the original in the car, I got the car with the help of our outstanding president Jerry Robin and when it came here it had onlyy 6.000 miles on it, and by now I’m up to 25.000 miles. Does anyone know when did this modification came out and if it was issued by Mercury?


    I have never heard of one of these kits for the Y block. The most common problem I know of with the Y block is the rear main seal. Falcon 144 CI 6 cyl engines suffered from an overhead valve oiling problem, and the external oil system was real common with them. That problem was cured with the 170.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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