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    I’m looking at a ’59 Park Lane with power windows and I need to understand if the front window controls were mounted on the dashboard or not. The door panels have a round chrome plate covering the window crank holes which looks odd to me, but maybe it’s correct. The window controls themselves are located on the padded dash on the corner near the edge of the windshield. Is this arragnement factory correct or maybe this is an after-market set-up.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.





    I don’t know too much about ’59s but we have several in IMOA.  I did look at a pictures of a station wagon for sale on ebay.  It does appear that there are some kind of controls on the left dash after is wraps around under the windshield.  I would suggest obtaining a shop manual if you buy the car.  It will have all the details.  Faxon at faxonautoliterature.com has the book or CD/DVD.

    Also in answer to your other post on decoding the data plate I can only help in two areas.  For some reason the sources I am using (Fall, 2001 issue of Quicksilver) does not have the trim codes for the ’59 but does have the other codes.  The transmission code 7 denotes a M/D, dual range transmission and the 2 for axle is a 2.71:1 for automatic transmission.



    Thanks for information on trans and axle codes. Not sure why, but I can’t the trim code information for ’59 anywhere. They must be published somewhere but it’s a mystery at this point.


    The 4 switch module is located on the left side of the dash, on the dog leg.  The other 3 passenger doors have a single switch mounted in the panel. I don’t know for sure if they made a different interior panel for the doors, made blanks for the crank holes,  or simply installed the switches in the crank holes.  I don’t recall if my dad’s 57 had a blank on the door panels, or not.


    There is a ’59 Park Lane convertible on ebay right now and it has some great photos of the power window controls.  As John said the 4 switch module is on the dash as is the single right front module.  It appears that the rear windows are controlled by a switch in the standard location for the crank.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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