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    Want to detail the Engine Bay. Does anyone know colour (gold) and (Blue) I should use for the Block and Valve Covers/Air Cleaner? Also are the fender inside aprons Gloss or Semi-Gloss Black? Appreciate any help


    A ’56 engine is gold (heads, block, water pump, pan) with dark blue valve covers and air cleaner assembly, with silver lettering on the valve covers.  I am not sure about gloss vs semi gloss for the aprons.


    The fender aprons and anything else that is black, like the core support, is a less than semi-gloss black that is officially known as “REFINISHER’S BLACK”.  There are a couple paint companies. Martin-Seynour for one, that actually sell one by that title.  It has the proper combination of not glossy, yet does not capture dirt like a true flat color does.  If you want to really make it flashy looking, use gloss black, but the sheet metal under there is such a pain to get the glossy to look good.



    Thanks for the information on the Engine Colours. My problem is finding the proper codes or companies to order the paint from. Can’t seem to find anyone who sells Merc Gold or Blue. Oldsmobile had a Gold in the 70’s and I may use that. I was hoping that someone has done a recent restoration and knows the proper colours and where they can be obtained.


    Thanks again for the info todate.


    I looked at Hemmings Motor News before I replied.  Bill Hirsch has a 1 page ad in the supplies section.  I looked in a couple older ones, and he has come 1 column ads, so he appearantly isn’t making big ad buys right now. He used to buy several pages each issue.  I bought some engine paint from him several years ago for another car.  Not only was it the correct color, I put it on with a brush, it came out smooth as if I had sprayed it, and it still cleans up great. Since he isn’t paying for ad space here, I suggest you go look in Hemmings and search him out.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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