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    I find this quite interesting ! I got from eBay a NOS Holley Data sheet, it is for a ‘Ford police unit with a Mercury engine’ !

    It lists a special tea-pot Holley 2140, as well as a Holley(?) Distributor, with full specs for both; it also has detailed engine tune up data.

    I tried posting it here, but can’t remeber how to do it, if anyone wants it send me your email; anyway here are the two basic P/N’s, I looked them up, but did not find them in my ’54/55 Merc Parts book.

    Carburator: Holley Model 2140 P/N R885A, Ford P/N EBU-9510S-A1

    Distributor: Holley Model1275 P/N D-844A, Ford P/N FAE-12127-C

    I am very proud that our V8 was chosen for this job, it must have more horsepower but this is not on the sheet.

    Has anyone tried those two parts on? Any ideas if they are still available? I would sure like to know how they perform, power/consumtion-wise, as look-wise I presume that they look 100% original, anyway !



    The Merc engine in a Ford was a pretty common Police Interceptor use.  City police departments rarely used it, but highway patrols, and Sheriff departments did.  There are very few of them around now because the cops beat the crap out of the cars, and they generally went to the junk yard because they were the low line stripped cars, and they were pretty well shot when they got rid of them.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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