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    I want to change one of my 54 Mercurys from an automatic transmission to a 3 speed/overdrive system.  I have everything needed but the O/D transmission.  Does anyone know what years of Mercury and/or Ford would be a substitute for an actual O/D transmission from a 54?  It seems that a true 54 Mercury transmission is difficult to find.  At least for me. Thank you,  Allen Faltus  afaltus@elltel.net


    My Hollanders shows that 54 Mercury OD is alone.  I have no idea why, but I bet that it you don’t mind doing a little modification, you can get anything that will bolt to the engine to work.  54-57 Ford and Mercury had overdrive transmission listed under 452, then they go from blank, through 452 A- 452L for everything up to 1962, including light duty trucks. I’d take a flyer and guess that anything that will bolt to a 272, 292, or 312 can be made to work.  My question is why do you want to go to all the work and expense of changing from an automatic (if it works and is in decent shape) to an overdive?   Even with gas at $4 a gallon, it is hard to believe that you will drive a 58 year old car enough to save enough gas to pay off.



    I would suggest that you use a 54 or old overdrive so you can use the 6 volt stuff.  unless you have converted to 12 volt.  If you have I would use a 55 or newer. If you use the heavy duty overdrive, try to use a 57 or newer.  

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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