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    Jerry Robbin

    Why isn’t anyone using this forum lately?



    I am restoring a ’59 Parklane Convertible and this site (like all others!) has very little about this car or parts.  There’s nothing wrong with the site; it’s great.




    Jerry Robbin

    Try contacting IMOA member Noel Pugh, who is a walking encyclopedia on ’59 Parklane Convt


    Noel Pugh

    64 Prospect St

    Demarest, NJ 07627




    Larry & Pam Mize

    I’ve thought the same thing Jerry.  I check in every now and then just to see whats new and haven’t seen much lately.



    Probably because we are really busy with other things and right now, our Mercurys are on the back burner.  I know mine is.

    There are sites where there is a great deal of activity–much of it inside snide remarks of one participant to another.   There is none of that here, just serious correspondence between members, which I think is good.



    Hi Jerry,

    No posts from this end, I was really busy preparing the Monterey for a long trip to the Balkans. We clocked 2.800miles all the way to transylvania (Romania), only with a minor hickup forom the V/Regulator (but the spare was in the trunk ..)

    One more great trip bringing back memories from my childhood, when dad was driving us to Germany in the summer!

    And the car is a most dependable driver, thanks to you and IMOA for locating it and to this forum for helping me to keep running it!

    OK, I just posted some questions, so lets hear from you guys !



    I just change out the master cylinder to a dual resovoir. on a 63 monterey 4 dr breeezeway. What year proportioning valve should I install. Any info would help. 


    Jerry Robbin

    Hi Aris,


    How is the family?





    why is there so little activity on this forum?  I am dumb like a box of rocks on the computer but can still bumble my way thru it (with the help of my wife).  Is anybody out there????  ferris buehler—buehler—buehler?????????


    Yes, we are out here.  You will note that if people have nothing to say, they don’t say it here, anyway.  There are no personal insults, no irreverant referances to the desirablity of other person’s cars.  There are simply serious questions, and honest serious answers.  Sometimes I wish that there was more activity here, but I prefer the “professional” approach people here take, rather than use it to beat up on other people.



    I had hoped to be registered for the Branson event, but health issues prevent the (about) 9 hour drive for me. Any prolonged sitting for more than 1 hour cause problems with my bad back. I haven’t been able to attend even local events this summer.

    I received my summer issue of Quicksilver yesterday.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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