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    Joe & Judy Woelfel

    I just bought a 66 Park Lane and haven’t gone after it yet. I know it doesn’t have a spare tire. Friends have suggested that the wheels for disc brakes are different from drum brakes. It doesn’t seem that Ford would have a set up requiring two spare tires if the car has discs on the front and drums on the back.

    What am I looking for? Does anyone have a wheel for me?


    As far as wheels and disc brakes go it is all about the offset.  Just go to google and enter wheel offset.  It will explain the concept in detail.  Disc brakes generally require more negative offset (a deeper dish on the back side) than drum brakes because you have the caliper to deal with.  Wheels that fit on the disc brakes of a car will almost always fit on the drum brakes as well.  For many years cars had front disc brakes and rear drum brakes and only had one spare (usually one of those mini spares, although a ’66 would not have that).  If you know you need a wheel for your ’66 you should be able to find out the  diameter and bolt pattern in your shop manual or at a friendly dealer or tire store.  I’m guessing there is only wheel size for full size Mercs in ’66.


    Joe & Judy Woelfel

    Thank you very much. I don’t even have the car home yet let alone have a shop manual. I’ll check with a Ford dealer tomorrow and/or the library to see if I can learn anything. I haven’t had too much luck on the internet. All I’ve learned is that discs were an option.

    If. let’s say, this one does not have disc brakes and I get a disc brake wheel, would the inward offset be a problem? It wouldn’t rub against the shock absorbers or something would it?


    I would assume it would not be a problem.  I have an ’87 Cougar with disc brakes up front and drums on the rear.  The wheels are completely interchangeable with no issues what so ever.  They are the factory wheels.  The spare in this case is a donut.


    Joe & Judy Woelfel

    Once again….thanks

    My wife had an 87 20th anniversary and traded it for a 30th anniversary Cougar which she still drives. I think it would take at least dynamite to get her out of it.


    I have my ’87 which is an XR7, but not a 20th anniversary edition.  We also have a 30th anniversary edition.  We love both cars and have no intention of parting with them.  Why can’t Ford build a mid size two door anymore?


    Joe & Judy Woelfel

    They would probably weigh too much to get the fuel milage the feds want. The oil companies would love it though.

    I can’t seem to find my IMOA membership list. Would  you look and see if there are any Park Lane owners in the KC area for me please? Particularly 66.

    If you would like to see the one I just bought go to I think it’s still the  only Park Lane they had. It’s light blue.

    I alsoo have a 57 Monterey that almost done restoring. I’d send pictures but I don’t know how to attach them to this.





    Joe, there is a membership list on the website.  Just click on the contact tab (upper right on this page) and a box will pop up to access the directory.  (Or at least there is supposed to be.  It didn’t work when I just tried it.)  You can search by location, or year of car.  It is very handy when it is working.

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