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    This is off Mercury topics, but may be of interest to some other unique Ford car nuts. The current president of the Wichita Chapter of Falcon Club of America has designed and built a retractable hardtop on a 1963 Falcon hardtop coupe. He showed it at the 2012 Falcon Nationals in Kentucky, and has posted some moving pictures on You Tube. If interested, type in “1963 Falcon Retractable”. Tim and his family own a construction company, dealing mainly in commercial projects. Quite a feat in his design and construction in the back of his shop.



    I had a 63 Falcon convertible many, far too many, years ago.  I loved it.  I’d actually like to have another one, now.  I think the 63 Falcon hardtop is a stunningly beautiful car.  I wouldn’t object to having one of them, either.  The Comet convertible and hardtop of 1963 are pretty neat, too.  Unless I succeed in winning the lottery, I am not likely to fulfill the dreams of having one of each.  I hope he was successful in retaining the original lines of the car.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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