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    Maybe someone can help me out here, I just recently changed the Oil in my 1963 Mercury Monterey which has a 390 FE Motor, The BOOK say’s it is 6 quarts of Oil with an Oil & Filter change. Well I changed the oil and Filter and put 6 quarts of oil in. when I clean off the dipstick to check the oil level it registers differently depending on whether I put the oil dipstick in Vertically or Horizontally, if I put the dipstick in horizontally it shows FULL, if I check it vertically it shows about a quart to much?? What’s the deal??? What “is” the proper way to check the level on a 390 FE motor??? Any feedback is appreciated! Thanks!


    First thing I would be sure of is that this is the dipstick original to the car. Don’t know exactly why your dipstick shows so differently based on the way you “stick it in”. I think I would use some middle point between the two readings as the oil level. Certainly by following the refill recommendations in the BOOK you won’t be hurting anything. The dipstick in my ’55 with a 292 isn’t the most accurate thing either.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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