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    Need Help……I have only owned and worked on 54 Merc’s. Now I am thinking about branching out to a Mercury Comet. I am thinking 64 to 67 models. My question is are aftermarket parts available, and who sells the best body panels. I know I will not find a rust free project.


    I looked at Dearborn Classics website. They seem to have lots of parts for mid 60s Ford products including Mercury. Don’t know if they have body panels but I’m guessing they are worth a look. Hopefully they can give you some ideas as to who carries body panels.


    Joe & Judy Woelfel

    I’ve had several 64 Comets over the years and haven’t had any more trouble finding mechanical parts than for any other older car. Body panels is a whole different thing. Salvage will become your best friend. Many think that Comets are compatible with the Falcon. But in most cases only the doors are interchangeable. Good luck. They are a very nice car. Mercury got the upgrades before Ford in a lot of cases. Enjoy!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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