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    Has anyone had this problem and came up with a fix? The front passenger side window crank has come off my ’54 Mercury. The original crank had worn spines so I located a better used crank with good spines. The window regulator seems to have good spines and the clip seems to be ok. However, the crank will not stay on the regulator. I see new clips are available on line but don’t see how a new one would be any better. Has anyone had this problem with a window crank or inside door handle? The year model does not matter. I believe they all attach with the small clips. 


    Try a new clip.  It will have the proper spring tension to hold the crank in place and they are cheap.  The splines don’t have much to do with holding the crank on.  They make sure the regulator turns when you turn the crank and keep the crank positioned on the regulator.  Are you having this problem with a single crank?  There is a depression behind the splines on the regulator that the clip fits into when you install the crank.  Be sure this is in good shape. 

    You don’t need to go online to get the clip.  Most good parts stores (NAPA) will have them in stock for less than a dollar.  I would suggest you replace all of them.


    Be certain that you actually have a correct window crank.  I have had problems with cranks that looked quite similar, but upon examination I discovered that it was not the correct year.  There should be a part number on the back, check and see if they are the same number.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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