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    I need to replace the ignition switch in my 54 Merc, all the Carpenter and Concours Parts offer the same switch for all 54/59 Ford and Mercs. Mac’s offers a switch for 56 Merc with auto and a different switch for 56 Merc with overdrive. What is the difference?


    I went and looked at the Mac’s post as you did. I don’t think there is one iota of difference between the two switches for a couple of reasons. 1st the photos of the switch look identical, 2nd the alt part# is the same for both as B5A 11572A. But to be sure I would call Mac’s and ask them what the difference is.


    An addendum if you don’t mind. Dennis Carpenters lists the switch as a B5A 11572A. Their price happens to be $13 less than Mac’s if that matters much.



    Thanks for you response Virgil, but you need to ask Mac’s for their latest catalog, They don’t use the B5 11572A numbers anymore.


    That is interesting. I looked everything up on their website so assumed it was current. Wonder what the deal is. The B5A is an old Ford part number so maybe they are using some kind of new SKU system. Seems like you will get the proper switch no matter what. That is a good thing.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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