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    Looking for the interior window switch bezels for the power windows. Single bezel (2) sought after. Anyone know if any other Ford model has the same bezel as the Mercury?


    Which model Mercury are you working on?


    Paul & Xenia Ferris

    I looked up the part and the basic number for the bezel is 14528 for the single switch. (14527 seems to be the one for the 4 and 5 ganged switch)

    For Full Sized Mercury in 69 the part is C9AZ-14528-A and for the Montego and Cougar lines the part number is C8AZ-14528-B

    When I check the Ford part book I see the same part numbers for the Full sized and the mid-sized and Mustang. There is a confusing duplication for the mid-sized line showing a C8AZ-14528-A for 69 as well.

    Lincolns, Marks and Thunderbirds seem to take different numbers.

    I think you are safe to use a full sized Ford as a donor if you are working on a full sized Merc and to source from a mid-sized Ford or Mustang if you are working on a Montego or Cougar.

    There is also a backing plate for the Montetgo and Cougar that doesn’t seem to appear on full sized cars. The part number is C8AZ-14523-A for both Ford and Mercury

    I hope this helps!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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