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    I hope that everyone is doing well, and working on their projects, and just living life happily.  There sure has not been any action here lately.  I sure can’t spell anymore, either, had to edit the post.



    We’re doing well, no work on the car though, live in Indiana, no heated garage.  I have been planning what parts I need to gather and where to get them when Spring comes!  The list started at around $500, is up to $1500 now and has turned into more of a wish list.  Got to say I had a great time at the James Dean Run with all the Mercury’s.  Finally went to a show where guys knew about and wanted to talk about Merc’s!  Not certain we’ll make Branson this year, too soon to say.  My work is very slow, not sure if I’ll have a job in the Fall. 


    I want to go to Branson, too.  Unfortunately, I am running another event the week before, and I know that if I take 2 weeks off, without defending my desk, I’ll pay dearly.


    Roy & Brenda Lange

    <div id=”post_message_147046″>Here in Colorado, we seem to do it a bit different. We keep all the snow on the western slope (where the sky resorts are and here on the eastern slope we drive our cars, since it is around 40 degrees (or colder) and the roads are clear….in my case that works just fine, since I have a block in the car with 5 cracks and a new on a stand next to it just waiting to be built. All I know is that I don’t have any overheating problems…but on the other hand it is too cold to put the top down on the 53’ Merc. </div>

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    I had hoped to stir some more action than has happened.  I have been working on my shop, which has been a pole barn with a partial concrete floor, and an inground hoist I rescued from a tire store that was going out of business, along with the air cmpressor that powered it.  I have to tell you that an air compresor that puts out 175 PSI and has a tank that is 6 ft. x 3 ft, really cuts down on the moisture that the little moisture collector on your spray gun has to deal with. I will be installing the air conditioning system I got from a customer of mine in the shop.  If you know any HVAC dealers, they are taking in systems that are just great for hobby shops that are being replaced by “high efficiency systems” with tax credits.  I paid $200 for my used 4 ton system.  You heat your shop in the winter, why should you not air condition it in the summer?  Your car ois air conditioned, your house is air conditioned, your work place ias air conditioned.  Many of my customers, body shops, printing shops, machine shops, are air conditioned. You can come home from work, turn on the air, have dinner, and work for a couple hours in comfort.  In the winter, I stuff a couple chunks of my supply of cut up pallets, set the fire, and after dinner, it is comfortable to work out there.  Maybe i can finally finish some of my “projects”. 

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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