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    Hi guys!
    I’ve got a whinning differential in my 1954 Monterey that needs repair but I’m tottaly confused about which differential I have.
    Reading the bibliography I thought my car should have the Dana 44 with the 4.1 ratio, as I have the 3-speed manual with the Overdrive.
    I have Googled the Dana 44 and it shows removable rear cover, whereas my own differential drops out from the front.

    Any help will be appreciated!


    My shop manual for ’54 shows that only the station wagons have the Dana 44 rear end. All of the others have a standard Ford differential. The gear ratios for the Monterey with overdrive would be 4.09 (45-11) as the standard rear gear or 3.91 (43-11) for the optional rear gear. You no doubt have the Ford differential as they remove the entire assembly from the front of the housing once you remove the axles. Don’t know why the bibliography would show anything different.



    Well, my ’54 Montrerey has the Ford differential after all, not the Dana one. Mine is the optional 3.9 ratio.
    I have searched EVERYWHERE either for a new ring&pinion set, or a usable differential core that could be rebuilt, but no luck ….. nothing new and nothing used.
    HOWEVER, I located a machine shop here that does absolutelly amazing stuff, computerised and everything! They could make a new R&P set from scratch (!!!) but luckilly my set has never been worked on before, has little wear, so I hope they will regrind and polish it back to the original spacs!
    So keep this in mind, for anyone esle having the same problem !!!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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