Has anyone upgraded their sealed beam headlights to halogen ones?

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    I put in all four new headlights on my ’69 Mercury Marquis, which are Wagner halogen ones. From what I can learn, they DO use a little more current than the original filament ones. They are working fine, but I just thought I’d ask and see if anyone else has done this upgrade, and what their experience has been.


    Arthur Koch

    I installed the same type of headlights on my 62 Merc. When I used the brights for an extended time, my lights went out. Changed out the headlight switch and it seems to be working fine.


    Thanks for the reply! That is interesting about the hi beam causing your headlights to go out. The headlight switch being the culprit is even more interesting, but perhaps was already beginning to go bad. I had to replace my headlight switch already, as the interior lights weren’t working, and that was the reason. Although the headlights and taillights etc. all worked normally. Did the headlights seem brighter to you after the change?


    Arthur Koch

    The headlight switch has an internal circuit breaker.
    There was a slight increase in the brightness.
    Hope this info helps.


    Thanks, it does help! When you said an extended time with the brights, how long did you mean? Have you driven an extended time with the brights on since you changed the headlight switch? Because you said it seems ok now.


    Arthur Koch

    It was about 30 minutes at a time.
    Now I am in the middle of rebuilding the motor, so it has been a while since I have driven it.


    Good luck on your motor rebuild! Now that I have all new headlights, the vacuum cut-off switch appears to have gone bad, which I was using while working on the headlights. I have a new one ordered. Always something…

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