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    I just purchased a 66 Park Lane convertible from Streetside Classics in Atlanta (actually Lithia Springs, GA). The pictures on their website were beautiful and the conversations I had with the salesman were very encouraging. I had already done a couple of “project” cars and thought I was paying enough not to be buying another.

    The car is very nice. But worth about 1/2 what I paid for it. And it promises to be a multi-year project car. It will be very nice when I’m finished but certainly not what I thought I was buying.

    If you have been/are considering Streetside Classics be very careful. They have many many very nice cars but be aware that they are in the business of selling cars.  For them if a customer is happy it is just gravy on the top.



    There is a place in Staunton, Ill named COUNTRY CLASSICS, that offers a lot of cars, too.  Be absolutely certain you have a local person go look at their offerings, because I classify the place as an outdoor yard for questionable cars, if not out right refugees from the junkyard.



    Thanks John;

    I’m aware of Country Classics but haven’t bought anything from them.

    The “downside” to having someone go look at this car would have been that unless you drove it a few miles not many of it’s shortcomings would have come to the surface.

    But it would have been some help. I did that when I bought a 57 in Bristol, TN. I called one of the local churches and asked for the youth Pastor and told him if he’d go look at it to see if he saw a bunch of rust I’d make a donation to their youth group. He did…I did. Later I discovered it was also deductible from my taxes. Win Win.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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