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    Just a question?? On the 390 FE Engine in My 63 Mercury Monterey the lifters are “ticking” somewhat, Is this common? Can they be adjusted to quiet down? The Engine has not ran for a while so will they quiet down if its ran on the road for a while?? Any advice on this would be appreciated! Thanks


    I contacted my nephew, Eddie Klein, who is quite familiar with these engines for help with this. The hydraulic lifters are not adjustable and will be noisy if the engine has been sitting for awhile. The “ticking” noise is not uncommon in this situation. He suggests using Rislone oil treatment and a lighter weight (thinner) oil for awhile. Assume you have changed the oil and filter.


    Thanks for the info Virgil, Someone else commented to me about the ticking and spoke that it would go away once I changed the Oil & Filter, used an additive of some sort and drove the car a while so the oil would & could lubricate the lifters & then thus quiet down!! I just wanted another Opinion on the issue to make sure there was a consensus, Based on your recommendation I “WILL” get the Rislone Oil Treatment, Change Oil & Filter with a “Thinner” Oil, and drive the car so that it starts to work out the ticking! Thanks again, I really appreciate it very Much!!! You have helped me a Lot!!! Archie Dunham 🙂


    Thank You Virgil Klein, I did every thing You suggested and The “Ticking” Lifters stopped and NO Noise, Thanks SO Much for your Help!!!! 🙂

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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