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    Larry & Pam Mize

    My Dad’s 55 Mercury Montclair has an original dealer installed accesory sun visor.  The top is painted white like the top of the car but the underside of the visor is painted a light green color.  My paint man working on the restoration says that most of these he has seen have been painted some shade of green on the underside.  Does anyone have any idea why they were painted green and what the paint code might be?  His opinion is that it had something to do with helping with glare on the windshield.


    There isn’t any paint code.  Back in “the day”, the factory never figured anyone would care about the exact color for the under side of the visor.  Just like the red centers for the wheel covers.  Most of the ones I have seen have been a flat medium to dark green.  I think the color was picked because sun glasses at that time were always green.  You want a flat color so it doesn’t contribute to reflections inside the car. Probably the darker, the better for reflectivity.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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