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    My 54 Sunvalley is white top and bottom, I have bee told this is very rare. I have seen a black 54 Sunvalley at Iola for the past 5 years but don’t know if it is original. Did Mercury build a black Sunvalley in 54??


    I “googled” ’54 Mercury Sun Valley and came up with the following information regarding color for these cars.  They were only available in 2 lower body colors according to the article.  Those were yellow and mint green.  Both came with a dark green top.  You can find the original body color of a ’54 by looking at the first two numbers on the data plate (located on the drivers door jamb) under “body specif”.  If your car was an original white car that number would be 22.  The black one you reference would have an 01.  Post that two digit number and I will tell what the original color of your Sun Valley is.



    I have researched my Sunvalley many times over the 41 years I have owned it and decoded it to be correct color Artic White top and bottom.

    I am curious if any other members have a white or a black Sunvalley


    Its been over a year, but if you’re still interested I have a dealer bulletin which I could copy and send to you. It goes into much detail on the available colors. My Sun Valley was originally white. A frame off restoration was done at which time the color was changed to the more recognizable Parklane Green/ Bloomfield Green Metallic. The green/green and yellow/green versions were the only two color combinations available at the beginning of production. Later in the year they were offered in many solid and two tone color combinations. In my mind though the original color combinations are the essence of the car, even though the white ones are very rare. Years ago I saw a black one. I didn’t think it did much for the car.



    yes I would like to see that, I would gladly pay the postage.
    send to Tom Cagle
    2509 Bittersweet pl
    Burlington, Iowa. 52601

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