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    Does anyone have a schematic drawing of how the hoses are routed under the dash for the wiper, washer, and heater? Thanks, John


    I looked at my ’54 shop manual for a routing diagram for the vacuum hoses. There is no diagram for that in the manual. There is a vacuum line from the intake manifold that goes through the firewall to the wiper motor. You can “T” off of that to go to the heater valve on the heater plenum under the dash. This is the valve that has a cable from the lever on the dash. There is a vacuum line from that valve to the heater control valve on the block that exits the interior with the wires for the heater motor and cable for the vent control again through the firewall.

    Also, you would “T” off of the main vacuum line to the control that activates the washers. From that control a vacuum line would run to the washer fluid container.

    As long as those wires are hidden I don’t think it matters exactly how you route them.



    Thanks Virgil. One related question if you please. How does you vacuum line attach to the pump? On mine there is a short ‘L’ shaped steel tube pushed into one of the vacuum ports, not mechanically attached. Then its rubber tubing from there through the firewall. The shop manual does not show a drawing but does list a part EBY-17536-B Tube (vacuum pump to w/s wiper hose) – Steel.



    Sorry I have had several 54 Merc’s and can’t remember one with a windshield washer.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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