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    Jerald Friederick

    Hello all,
    I have had this happened 2 times now with my 1960 Monterey. When I went to start it, there was no power at all (no lights, nothing), but after about 1 minute of waiting and “fiddling” around, I tried it again and it worked just fine. I checked all the electrical items (switch, battery cables, regulator, relay, distributor, etc.) I could. I also did this while it was running later by pulling, pushing, wiggling all wires with no change. Any ideas what it could be?

    Also, I drive my car at least once a week and when I was getting off the interstate or other highway and push the clutch in, it kills, but I can pop the clutch and it runs just fine. Plus, I have had it happen about 3 times that I could not get it started after it killed when I was at a stop or I had shut it off for a few minutes.
    I set the Hot Idle screw to the proper amount and it seems to solved the problem.
    Is it possible to have fuel starvation if your Hot Idle screw is set too low?

    Thank you,
    Jerry Friederick with Big Blue

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