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    Hello Everyone, Now that the nice weather is upon us in Northern NJ, A friend and I have begun working on my ’60 Park Lane. My dash gauges were not working. After removing the circuit boards and changing bulbs, I have my generator and oil lamps, as well as my turn signal indicators. I still have no fuel or temp gauge. It seems that the lower board is fried. There are several NOS boards available on E-bay. I noticed that there are two extra connector pins running from the relay strip for the voltage limiter on the NOS boards that are not present on the board removed from the car. My board does not have the part number on it, although it has the FoMoCo emblem. The NOS parts have the part number C0MF 10804 A. An easy fix would be to simply run a wire between the posts. Should a resister be placed between the posts or should it simply be connected by a wire? The lower board is difficult to remove, and I don’t want to have to keep removing, installing (and paying for) new boards or voltage limiters. Any thought or ideas are appreciated.

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