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    Larry & Pam Mize

    Are the door handles on a 1955 Montclair two door hard top the same as other 1955 Mercury’s?  Are 1955 and 1956 the same?  Also, are they the same as a 1955 Ford?


    The front exterior door handles on ’55s are the same throughout the model line.  Some ’56 Montclairs have an additional piece attached to the rear of the door handle to finish off the chrome (stainless) trim on (what I call) the “bib” molding.  The ’55s have a separate small piece of stainless to finish off that trim.  I also know from experience that door handles from a ’56 Phaeton (the 4 dr hardtop) will not fit a Montclair or any other ’56 for that matter.


    I went and looked at Mac’s Auto parts and they do not list the outside door handles for 55-56 Mercury, just Ford, so I suspect that there is some difference.


    Jerry Robbin

    Try Dennis Carpenter  Hit 1952-56



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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