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    I have a newly acquired ’54 Mercury. Dual exhaust has been added by changing the manifold, which resulted in less room for the neutral safety switch to go all the way over to allow the car to start in park. Starting in neutral is ok however, sometimes after starting it jumps in gear. Does anyone have a fix to make the safety switch work properly, maybe using a different switch or bracket for the switch, etc.?


    The neutral safety switch in the early Ford/Mercury automatics are truly “neutral” safety switches and are not designed to let the car start in park.



    Virgil, thanks again for your help. Guess I did not remember correctly. I was thinking when I had this same year and model car in the 50’s it would start in park or neutral.



    Following up on this 10 years later, my question is has anyone successfully installed the neutral safety switch with a dual exhaust set up. My ’54 has 312 engine from a 1956 Mercury. It has dual exhaust and the neutral switch is missing. Some previous owner twisted the wires together to bypass the switch. I am thinking this is because he had the same problem described here and did not find a solution.


    Larry & Pam Mize

    Just noticed this post. Not sure if this will help but someone on ebay supposedly has a work around to make your 55-56 Lincoln or Mercury with the neutral start switch start in Park. This is the heading in ebay

    1955-1956 Lincoln Merc Neutral Switch Conversion START CAR IN THE PARK POSITION

    You might check it out and see it would help you. I’m thinking about getting one for my Dad’s 55 Mercury.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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