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    If I recall correctly all 1954 Mercury wheels no matter the color of the body were all red and painted on both sides. Does anyone know a correct color code or is Fire Engine Red close enough to be correct? Also, is there a color code for the center of the hub caps? 


    Just pick a red that you think looks good, and make anyone challenging you about it either prove you wrong, or SHUT THE     H_ _L UP.  I consider this the correct response to anyone who’s uninvited criticism about the corrrectness of your car is presented.  These are art objects, produced by successful artists, over a relatively long period of time, in several different locations, with many different suppliers, and there were running changes by the factory through the production cycle. There is no 1 “correct” for the whole production run.  Most of the parts did run through the whole production run, but there were changes made periodically, some of which actually were announced to the dealers, but many just magically appeared.  Then there were the first few thousand and the last few thousand cars of a model run, especially where the changes were not shocking, like 48-49, 51-52, and 56-57, that were combinations of the current year, and the coming year.


    Roy & Brenda Lange



    have a 53″ Merc – very nice driver not a points car. As John Harvey said you can go with whatever color you

    want. But when it came to my wheels I checked with a local guy that has built

    two Dearborn winner 53’s and this is what I learned. The wheel color is called

    Vermillion. It took awhile but I found in made by Plasti-kote (FM-8134). It only

    comes in 8 oz spray cans and I had to buy it through my local part store

    (Carquest)…he was able to order it for me and get it in one day. Now as to painting the

    wheels…..this is the fun part. From what I understand, the wheels were all

    supplied in black to Ford. What they did was to spray the wheels only on one

    side with the Vermilion color. When you paint the wheels, first spray then

    black. Then spray the outside surface with the Vermillion and make sure

    you spray through the holes in the rims as it will then leave the red paint (overspray or through spray) on

    the back side of the rims. This is supposed to be the correct way. You can take

    it for whatever you want but the paint is available and the procedure is easy

    enough to do, plus it makes for a great story when you are telling others about

    your restoration of the car.

    If you want pictuires e-mail at royd13483@aol.com

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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