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    1956 Mercury part needed, Hello, would anyone out there know where I could get the Metal apparatus with a nipple on it that screws into the intake manifold just below the carburator where the hose from the power brake booster hooks on to get vaccum to run the booster? I was told that 1953 through 1958 Mercury YBlock would work! I was also told that it came in 2 pieces! One screwed into the intake manifold and the nipple piece screwed into that piece! I have no name for this part so if anyone out there who would maybe be familiar with it could give me some feedback or where I may find this part would be very much appreciated! Thanks, Archie Dunham


    Archie, these are simply brass fittings that you can get at a good parts store or a good hardware store.  You will need to know the diameters for the fittings and the nipple as well (so it will fit the vacuum hose).  I don’t think you need to have two fittings if you can find one that has a nipple the correct size that will screw directly into the outlet on the manifold.  By the way, 53s had flatheads and did not have Yblocks but probably used a similar fitting to get vacuum to the power brake booster.


    Virgil, Thanks for the feedback, I guess I didnt realize you could just go to the hardware or parts store and find this kind of stuff that would fit a vintage car like mine? I appreciate your info, I hope the parts are easy to find, it will sure make the job a lot easier! Thanks again!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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