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    Gil Bisjak

    I am literally stuck, or at least my dashboard is. As far as I know I have removed all screws and bolts, lowered the steering and emergency break handle, and still stuck on the right side. What can I be missing? At 78 yrs of age getting under the dash is no longer a pleasant experience.


    Wow, I’m in the same boat, only with a ’69 Marquis. I’ve been struggling with it for a week now..


    BTW, I’m 5 yrs. younger (yeah, I use a really old pic, haha) But my goto mechanic is coming over next week with his buddy, and see if they can get it off. I’ll be watching closely. My dash pad (top one) is also all disconnected, the passenger side is ready to slide off, but the driver’s side is stuck, but moves around ok. I think it has to clear some cluster stuff. But once that is off, I think the rest is doable for me. Every time I attempt to get it off, I am injuring my hand (gets all dark and swollen)


    On a related topic, I need to remove the wiper motor from my ‘50 Mercury. What’s the easiest way to do this? Can I go through the glove box or does the dash need to come apart?


    Finally got my dash’s top pad off! I had the help of my mechanic though. Here it is:

    Dash with top pad removed

    The mechanic whipped it off in 5 seconds! He grasped the left vent hole near the windshield, and lifted up in order to clear the gauge cluster that was block progress. I’ll probably have to do that when I put it back.

    Now I can change all the bulbs, the clock and the wiper switch…


    A final follow up to the Dash job. Everything is fixed and working again. The pads went back on no problem, since the mechanic told me the simple secret to getting it seated. Glad I can drive my car around again, and go to cruise ins!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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