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    I just purchased a ’49 Mercury Coupe, nice unmodified car and I’d like to check the original paint and trim codes for the car. Unfortunately, unlike 1950 and later years these codes are not list in the Body Parts Catalog and I’ve been unsuccessful finding a resource that will translate these codes. Here are the details:

    VIN: 9CM243510 – I believe this car was built later in the year, but it still has the split rear window, which I understand was changed to a single window very late in the year.
    Plant Code: SL – St. Louis
    Paint Code: 04 – ???
    Trim Code: 58H – ???
    Style #: 9M72 – 6 passenger coupe
    Body #: 100689 – Production number? Not sure if includes any information about the transmission, rear end, etc.

    Also, does any know where I can a ’49 Mercury reference for future information.

    Thanks for any help you can provide.


    The first serial number for the 9CM was 101 so this is indeed a late in the year car. Mercury did not include any info on engine or trans or rear end on the data plate until the later 50s. They only offered one engine size (with some horsepower differences based on exhaust and carburation) and either an automatic or manual trans (3 speed only) until 1957. I was able to find the paint code which is a color called dakota grey. The Dittzler PPG matching code is 30478. The paint chip on line looks like a very light tan to my eye and not a grey but I am certainly no artist and have no eye for color. No luck at all with the trim code but I will keep looking.



    Thanks so much for the information. The car is currently maroon, so obviously a color change, but I believe is a correct color for ’49. It also has a 3-speed overdrive transmission but I’m not sure of the rear-end ratio, although it’s probably low which was standard for the OD cars. Any information you can find on the trim code would be greatly appreciated.


    Jerry Robbin

    Try the following link for original paint colors


    Jerry has a great suggestion. I would also suggest you use the “access member directory” feature of the website (upper right in the login section). It lists all of our members who own 49s (just click on the year) along with their contact information. I would assume any of them would be happy to help you.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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