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Wayne & Judy Miller

I am not sure what you are refering to when you say relays , but there are only a few things that can go wrong with the whole system . I own a 65 Parklane and have dealt with some of these issues in my 64 Monterey . The 65 service manual has this to say ;

TURN INDICATOR LIGHTS INOPERATIVE   1. Burned out bulbs , or loose sockets . 2 . Burned out fuse . 3 . Loose or broken wire from ignition switch to flasher . 4. Defective flasher . 5 . Loose or broken wire from flasher to turn idicator switch . 6 . Defective turn indicator switch . 7 . Broken or shorted , or loose wires from switch to lights .

If any of these are your problem , you should be able to find parts at  or google Dennis CarpenterAuto Parts . And remember these are not Mercury only parts . They are shared with Ford and Lincoln , which makes the hunt much easier .   Sorry about the delay in an answer , but I was out of town for the holiday weekend .

If you need more help do not be affraid to ask .