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Ok, I finally got a chance to get back on this when it wasn’t unbearably hot.

The manual does call for an 1195 light bulb but the sockets (both sides) are two contact sockets. Neither looks to have been changed. Interestingly, there is only one wire going to the socket so it must be the differences in the voltage supplied from the flasher unit that turns on the second filament.

The more I look into the 1195 lamp it’s pretty clear it’s a single filament lamp. I also found that the “acceptable substitute” for an 1195 in an 1156 which is also a single filament lamp. Obviously, a single contact lamp isn’t going to work in a two contact socket! I tried an 1157 which is a two contact lamp and the two little tabs that hold the lamp into the socket are not in the right place. On an 1157 one tab is slightly higher than the other. The socket and the 1156 lamp have the tabs both at the bottom.

I also noticed that the park/turn signal light is a two filament/two contact set up with only one wire going to it and the manual shows it needs an 1157. So I’m back to assuming that the cornering light is supposed to work like the park/turn signal light.

By the way, I guess I would have lost the farm on that bet.