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I don’t know too much about ’59s but we have several in IMOA.  I did look at a pictures of a station wagon for sale on ebay.  It does appear that there are some kind of controls on the left dash after is wraps around under the windshield.  I would suggest obtaining a shop manual if you buy the car.  It will have all the details.  Faxon at has the book or CD/DVD.

Also in answer to your other post on decoding the data plate I can only help in two areas.  For some reason the sources I am using (Fall, 2001 issue of Quicksilver) does not have the trim codes for the ’59 but does have the other codes.  The transmission code 7 denotes a M/D, dual range transmission and the 2 for axle is a 2.71:1 for automatic transmission.