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Hi Uwe & Ulrike Those stabilizer bushings are a real bugger. I have replaced them on my 59 Parklane and on my 59 Voyager wagon. Both of these and probably your Montclair have a 7/8″ stabilizer bar. Most of the more common Ford vehicles use a 3/4″ bar. The bushings for other ford products (which are available) look pretty similar and can be made to fit. On my Parklane I used a 3/4″ and drilled it out to fit the 7/8 bar. When I replaced on the Voyager (Feb 20) I ordered both sizes (3/4 and 7/8 and felt I had a better fit with the7/8. I believe I had to do a little external trimming. The real kicker is trying to fit it to the frame. Most other vehicles use a 2 bolt clamp, which would allow you to start with longer bolts. The Mercury uses a tab in the frame and 1 bolt. We were finally able to get it started with a longer bolt and push it on up with a jack. It is easier if you do one at a time, rather than have it flopping all over. I did not purchase from Dennis Carpenter but I see them listed B9A5493-A for3/4 and B9A5493-B for 7/8. Good Luck