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    Jerry Robbin

    I just wanted to welcome all IMOA members to our all new forum!


    Look forward to seeing tons of posts!


    Jerry Robbin




    Well Done Jerry! Keep Up the good work !!!!!

    Aris Loumidis




    Is the format of this forum set or is there still features that are to be rolled out?

    Are all of the old posts gone for good? Or will they be added to this forum at some time?

    Will we have the ability to change user settings in the future like the old forum?


    Jerry Robbin

    We can leave the old forum up, but make it read-only. Though, don’t you

    think people will be confused why there are two forums, and only one of

    them accepts new posts?

    Also, Dave & Wendy what do you mean when you say “the beta test isn’t looking so good.” Are you talking about the visual look, the functionality, the forum or

    the site as a whole….???

    I’d recommend letting the new site/forum sink in for a week or two

    before making any changes. That way, we will gather a bunch of feedback,

    and will be able to see what people are consistently asking for. It’s

    better to respond to opinions that are held by the group as a whole,

    rather than responding piecemeal as they come in.



    The old forum allowed users to add data as to location, signature lines, have a moniker, join date, how many posts made, change user name and password – not to mention all of the data that was contained in the old posts.

    I do not like my user name and the password selected can be hacked. (And you don’t know how to address me since there are two names in my user name) I have a concern for securirty, and all I need is some one’s member number and their name and I can hack into the account. There is no option for me to change passwords.

    The old forum notified me when some one replied to a thread I had posted to or subscribed to. You posted to this thread. The only way I knew that occured was to come back here. Not the best feature to encourage use.

    I have an ad on the old forum that I will have to re-create if I want it here. And likely I will not re-post.

    I am a moderator of a very large RV forum and a user in several other forums, these are a few of the issues I have with the change.  I do not see the current changes in this forum as a step forward, rather as a step back in features and function. The look is fine.




    The classified are in a different section. It is just different. However like ads are not grouped with like.

    There is no date indicating when the ad was posted. It could have been generated last week or last decade. If I wanted a response or was responding to an ad, I would have no way to know if this was recent or??

    IN addition as a user sorting through stuff I have to go through parts for sale and wanted items to see if there was a car for sale.






    <div>If an announcement would be made relative to posting of the old forum and not being able to add to it (FYI only), I don’t see that as a possible problem, especially if access is made through a link off of the main page.  It should be made clear where it goes to.</div>

    <div> </div>

    <div>Also, the idea from Dave & Wndy about leaving the site as-for a time first is probably a good one.</div>

    <div> </div>

    <div>Kudu’s to you for putting up with this… It can be a real pain.  Dave and Wedy Jackson brought up some very strong points… Looks like he’s had some real boots on the ground.</div>



    Why am I having trouble with this?


    Jerry Robbin

    Hi Everyone,


    I just wanted to post a reesponse from a past forum member William , who is not a IMOA member. He has some concerns about our new forum and I wanted to share with everyone.





    <div class=”gmail_quote”>On Mon, Jul 26, 2010 at 8:52 PM, William

    Klopfenstein <klopfewr@yahoo.com> wrote:

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    <td style=”font: inherit;” valign=”top”>

    <div>Okay, I know I’m not a member of IMOA, but I had

    written prior to the change that I was considering whether it would be

    worth joining. At that time, the change was announced and the time frame

    of its having been implemented was longer than the original

    annoucement. </div>

    <div> </div>

    <div>Some members have already expressed they think the old forums

    should be available, and I’d agree with that – there is a lot of useful

    information that’s lost if the old forums are discarded. You’ve also

    seen complaints about the degree to which features of the forums that

    used to be there are not there any longer. These are all concerns I have

    as well.</div>

    <div> </div>

    <div>But I also wanted to add that when the forum change was announced,

    it was said that there would be a way to join on-line. Well, it’s not

    there and if I was to join, that would be how I would do it. Is this

    going to be done still?</div>









    Hi Guys

    The new format looks quite impressive, and i hope it works really well, however, i did post a question in theTEchnical Forum a few weeks ago and received one reply instantly, but since the new change over it appears i am unable to return to my question posted in the old forum so i am unable to see if anyone else has responded to my query. Is there any way i can get to see the old postings or are they now lost forever?

    Many thanks



    Jerry Robbin

    Hi Barry,


    At this time the old forum is not active and will not be available so please post your question again!






    Jerry Robbin

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    <p class=”MsoNormal”>The Membership Directory is now on

    the site. Unlike the printed version, you cannot search for State or Year

    listing. Will this eventually be available on the site? Will the $5 hard copy

    mentioned in Quicksilver still have this feature?

    <p class=”MsoNormal”> 

    <p class=”MsoNormal”> Secondly, will the Vendors and

    Parts Suppliers listing be done on the site for 2011? If so, will it also be

    available in a $5 hard copy?

    <p class=”MsoNormal”> 

    <p class=”MsoNormal”>Larry

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    Hi Larry,

    Eventually on our web site you will be able to look up Mercury cars by year,

    but not by state.

    The printed hard copy for $5 will only be alpha and no vendor directory.

    The vendor portion of the directory was not updated in years and presented more

    of a problem due to lack of updates. 

    Sorry for the cut backs , but due to state of our economy the move was


    Thanks for your understanding,


    Jerry Robbin



    While I’m DEFINITELY GLAD to be “back IN these forums” I agree w/ the others who yearn for the availablity or archiving of the “Old Forum” it was far more user friendly as others have mentioned. (Features of having an Avatar/Signature w/ useful data such as Date Joined/IMOA Member or not, etc. etc. We also had the ability to “Friend” Folks and dialog further/share thoughts etc. etc. I really miss that! Is ‘ACTION’ still around?? He was a great “Online Bud” for many of us; a knowledgeable and very helpful member — a CREDIT to our small club and “Niche’ Marque” of vehicles AND a great “Recruiter” for not only new members that we desperately need but also to KEEP current members active and periodically “checking in online here.)


     Again, I’m very Thankful Jerry for you getting this up and all and I’ve been “GONE” for awhile due to Military Duties but I feel pretty “lost” here in this new forum and the “Friends” I was comfortable with on the old forum are now “Nowhere to be found” and I’m struggling how to navigate it and I know it will get better, but again, I miss the old/classic format. Particularly the Classifieds Section; it was organized better; had Sections for Cars for Sale/Parts for Sale as well as Misc. and a “Wanted Section” for all of these as well.


     I salute my fellow and Members and “Action” whereever you are; I HOPE You’re still online and I hope to be a more regular user here; even thought it’s a challenge in this “new way…” Losing our Club Directory pains me deeply as well. It was a GREAT WAY for finding fellow members w/ similar cars OR cars I’ve LONG desired to have and I could contact them for advice, Pros and Cons on specific models and years; caveats and importantly, LEADS or potential leads on a fellow member/Dealer or person with that specific model available for sale etc. My Biggest Joy that resulted directly from our Club Directory was that last year I was contacted directly by ‘Collectible Automobile’ Editors because they saw in the Directory that I owned a few Marquis Broughams from the ’71 and ’72 Model Years and they wanted to do a Feature on those cars! I was estatic to say the least and I “celebrated this Moment” on the old forum AND it peaked interest in our Cars, our club and Mercs in general and I was able to “alert” fellow members that my cars were in fact being featured in their great magazine.  I wound up with TWO of my Marquis’ PROMIMENTLY IN the magazine; It was the “APRIL 2010” Issue and my Gold ’72 Made a “Centerfold Piece” and also graced a small section of the back cover and my Brown 71 had several photos of it in the photo feature essay and the “Index” as well.  This NEAT experience would never have happened if those editors hadn’t readily found me and these Marquis that I owned in our Directory….this could’ve been any one of us and involved ANY of our great cars! I KNOW we have to cut our budget and spending somewhere but I’d be happy to pay extra for the “Old Style” Directory maybe every OTHER year or so…maybe even once every 3 years; just to keep the Membership fully informed w/ that data at our fingertips. I take my DIrectory with me on every road trip I make so I can maybe visit someone w/ the same model Mercs I have or am interested in OR, IF I break down I could get advice on WHERE to take my car locally for on the road repairs.  Sorry, I wrote a book here but these are my thoughts…wanted to get the dialog flowing again here…

    THANKS for “listening”.

     John “JUST 1BULLITT”

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