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    Hi all:

    Total newbie, my first classic car just bought — 1958 Mercury Monterey.  Learning about this whole new world!  How/where to I research the VIN# on my Merc VIN # M 8 Z A 5 2 5 4 0 4.   Can someone please direct me on where to go to research the VIN# (as well the plate information on my vehicle, driver side).  Thank you.


    In past issues of “Quicksilver”, Gary Richards did a series of articles called Tech Info Series.  Basically it was the various codes to decode your “VIN” and also the data plate.  The plate is actually referred to in the literature as a patent plate.  The ’58 Mercs were covered in the summer issue in 2001.  I have that issue and can decode your serial number above as well as the codes for style, color, etc.  Just post them here on the website.  OK, here is what the M8ZA525404 means.  By the way, in ’58, this is referred to as a serial number as opposed to a VIN.  The leading “M” refers to the engine and means you have a 383 cu in engine, the “8” is the model year; ’58 in your case, “Z” is the assembly plant; St Louis for your car.  Now some difficulty with Gary’s series.  The “A” is a body identification code and those are not listed in Gary’s article.  The “525404” is the consecutive unit number.  Hope this helps and I will watch for your info.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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