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    Jerry Robbin

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    <div>Hi there, I have a problem that it seems that no

    one else shares.</div>

    <div>I live in Australia & currently own a 56

    Mercury Monterey 2 door hardtop.</div>

    <div>In the past, I have owned a 46 Mercury Fordor

    Sedan, a 47 Mercury Coupe Ute & a 51 Mercury Sport Sedan.</div>

    <div>I read lots of car books, & during my research,

    i have come accross what i believe is a problem, in my mind anyway?</div>

    <div>This has to do with the 63 1/2 Mercury Stock

    Cars. </div>

    <div>I have Scanned these pages from Floyd Clymers book

    entitled “Mercury 1938 – 1964  Silver Anniversary Edition”</div>

    <div>This should make it easier for you to see what I am

    talking about.</div>

    <div>You may even want to print these


    <div>I will refer to Page Numbers, so that you can see

    what I mean.</div>

    <div>Pages 62 & 68 show Number 15 in action on Pikes

    Peak. Both of these pictures are identical to the stock 63 Mercs, with the full

    length body crease, topped off by a Chrome Strip.</div>

    <div>Meanwhile, on Page 65, the No 15 Merc shown in the

    centre picture, & again in the bottom picture, do not have this Crease,

    & it appears that there is no chrome strip? [Ignore the top picture, as it

    is too difficult to tell.]</div>

    <div>There is definitely no crease on this


    <div>Also note that the “line” where the paint

    separation lie appears, are different between the “stock” 63 Merc body & the

    “Non stock” Body.</div>

    <div>As for page 63, compare the bottom 2


    <div>Number 15 on the left has the crease, while No 15

    on the right, does not have this crease.</div>

    <div>Notice also, that the door handles are crease on

    the left picture, while the door handles are level with the paint separation on

    the car on the right.</div>

    <div>Look hard, these are 2 different cars, & the

    bodies are not identical.</div>

    <div>The car on the right does not have a stock 63 Merc


    <div>I believe that these are 2 totally different

    bodies, with the one without the crease more like a Galaxie?</div>

    <div>Am I right, or am I dreaming?</div>

    <div>Have you noticed this difference before in this

    years racing Mercury’s?</div>

    <div>Would love to hear your thoughts on the


    <div>Regards Trevor Poulsen




    <div>Hi there, I just sent you an email on the 63 1/2

    Mercury Stock Cars.</div>

    <div>Now, I have another question, & that has to do

    with Hubcaps.</div>

    <div>I am an avid hubcap collector, & an example of

    nearly every model mercury from 1939 right up to the 80’s in my


    <div>It has taken a while, & lots study & lots

    of money to get this far.</div>

    <div>Living is Australia has made collection these

    hubcaps that much harder, as Mercurys were only sold here new from 1939 to


    <div>Any other that have arrived have been private


    <div>My question relates to the 60/61 Mercury Hubcaps or

    Full Wheel Covers.</div>

    <div>I have an example of each in my collection, but

    when you see these 2 years listed on eBay, they invariably have the years around

    the wrong way?</div>

    <div>This, I believe stems from the fact that the outfit

    that has a web address of has them around the wrong way,

    & anyone not familiar with these models copies what they say, which is


    <div>Can someone from the Mercury Club contact them, so

    that they can correct their error?</div>

    <div>Lastly, I have what I believe is a 63 Mercury S-55

    Hubcaps in my collection.</div>

    <div>From the pictures, it would seem that these hubcaps

    first appeared in 1962 on the S-55 models.</div>

    <div>My question is are these 2 year S-55 Hubcaps the

    same, or is there a slight difference in the 2 years?</div>

    <div>Thanks for reading my email.</div>

    <div>I have scanned two year that have

    around the wrong way, for your easy reference.</div>







    The S-33/S-55 wheel covers with the red/white/blue plastic centers were used in 1962 and 1963. There were 2 different covers that I know of, with the difference being the plastic center. Some centers had sort of a metalic or metal flake finish while others were more of a flat or matt finish. I don’t know if the difference was due to different years, different manufacturers, or both.


    Jerry Robbin



    Can you email Trevor   He is not a IMOA member and I forwarded your response.







    E-mail sent.



    For club members, this is my responce on the stock car question.


    <div>I finally had a chance to look at the ’63 stock cars you were referring to. These cars did use the same body. The differences you’re seeing are an optical illusion caused by differences in the trim and paint. You are correct that the #15 Sachs & Sons car used at Pikes Peak had the stainless trim running the full length of the car on top of the quarters and the #15 used in NASCAR did not. As for the crease running along the side under that stainless, that’s where the illusion comes into play. Look carefully at the paint lines on these 2 cars. On the Sachs car the paint line (between the red and white) runs along the top of the quarter where the stainless trim is. But on the NASCAR car that paint line runs along the crease below that corner making the crease seemingly disappear. Look closely at the rear of the cars and it will become clear.</div>

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