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    Would like for the clock in my ’54 Mercury to work properly for years to come. I had it rebuilt 2 years ago and it has now stopped again. Would it be better to have it built this time using the quartz mechanism?


    In a word, “Yes”, but maybe try to have the mechansim cleaned first.



    Yes I had my 54 clock rebuilt 15 years ago and stilling working great



    When you had your clock rebuilt 15 years ago did you have a quartz mechanism installed?
    Also, do you remember the company who did the work? As mentioned I had my clock rebuilt by a reputable firm (not quartz) and it quit after 2 years.


    I had the clock in my ’55 rebuilt about 10 years ago by United Speedometer in Riverside, CA and it works quite well till this day. I do believe however that the mechanism in a ’55 is different from a ’54 but I am not positive about that. They did not use a quartz movement.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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