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    I bought a 53 Monterey recently down in Phoenix  and hauled it my shop in Collinsville, OK with much enthusiasm.  It is pictured in this months Quicksilver.   It’s old and tired and it started right up and really runs well.  It’s entirely rust free car except for over the left rear wheel well.  Does anyone know where one might be located?

    Also, one really troubling problem.  The 3 speed tranny linkage jams in reverse and you almost always to get out and free it up from under the hood ( you’d think I was driving a 49 Chevy).  Is most of this irreversible wear or can they be adjusted?  I sure would like someone’s help on these two questions.  Thanks,  Tim Desmond – Collinsville, OK


    Would suggest you check out a couple of advertisers in Quicksilver.  Those would be Big M and Mac’s Antique Auto.  You missed the auction at Mercuryland (which is covered in this issue as well) because you could have found what you are looking for there at a very reasonable price.  What didn’t sell is now crushed.

    As to the issue with the shift linkage, I am guessing it involves normal wear in the steering column part of the linkage.  Try some lubrication on the moving parts to see if you can free them up a bit.  The problem could be internal to the transmission but it sounds like you are able to get things working under the hood.  Always try the simplest thing first. 


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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