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    <div>Can you please answer a question for me?</div>

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    <div>On my 49 Mercury, under the hood, on the back of each inner fender well near the firewall (see picture) is a 5-6 inch hole (facing the firewall) that goes into the inner fender well.  I saw these as I was giving the car to the shop to try to get my A/C and other things working again so I did not have time to check them out, but curiosity is killing me…  </div>

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    <div>Any idea what they are for, or where they go to.  </div>

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    <div>I have a performance problem with the 49 when the motor gets hot, and the heat builds up under the hood.  .  The air cleaner starts sucking in tons of “hot” air and the performance suffers.  When the engine is cold it runs much much better.  I am looking for some way to get cold air into the carb.  I picked up a 70 Charger dual snorkel air cleaner to see if that helps.  Ideally I want to pipe the snorkels to some cold air source.  These “holes” in the inner fender wells could be great for this if I knew what they were for and where they went to, and if I could somehow get cold from them.</div>

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    <div>Any ideas????</div>

    <div>Ed Zukusky</div>

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