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    We bought a 59 Mercury motor – Canadian car – Ser # 357BK59-589793 – Engine R1. Can anyone tell me what size engine this is?


    Walter Scott


    I looked at Gary Richard’s Tech info in the Fall/2001 issue of Quicksilver which discusses the ’59 Model Identifications.  In that article the first letter in the serial number is the engine code.  For ’59 the identifying letters are either L, M, N, or P for the US produced models.  It appears obvious that the Canadian cars use a different ID code.  Not sure where to find the Canadian IDs.  Did you buy a complete car or just the engine?  Where on the car is the R1 located?  There were only three engine sizes offered in the US for ’59.  They are the 430 cu. in., the 383 cu. in. (two barrel carb or four barrel carb) and the 312 cu. in.  Sorry I can’t currently be of more help.



    The serial number plate was on the driver’s side door post. Is there somewhere else that I should be looking to verify the serial number? The plate included the serial number, the engine number (R1) and several other items that I did not notate. I just bought the motor – the car is a four-door hardtop and may be for sale. Thanks for any additional information you might have.





Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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