Reply To: What do you think of creating a Cougar Concept like this one, but not on a Camar


Why do we have to go to a Camaro platform? Ford has a perfectly good platform–Mustang. They are actually selling Mustangs at a profit. Not only that, but Ford is not flirting with another bankruptcy, unlike Government Motors is. Ford has continued Mustang pretty much following the original concept, while GM discontinued Camaro, then tried to resurrect it as a retro design. Ford simply continued to make new Mustangs as an advance of the original concept. I loved my 63 Falcon Convertible. I never was stung by the “Pony car” thrill. I’m driving an Explorer right now that has over 300,000 miles on the clock, still doesn’t use oil, doesn’t drip, and pulls my car trailers just fine.I used to be a GM fan, but I have to admit that FOMOCO has made some fantastic vehicles in the last 30 years. At 70 years old, I fully expect that my Fords will last until my kids take my keys away from me.