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The old forum allowed users to add data as to location, signature lines, have a moniker, join date, how many posts made, change user name and password – not to mention all of the data that was contained in the old posts.

I do not like my user name and the password selected can be hacked. (And you don’t know how to address me since there are two names in my user name) I have a concern for securirty, and all I need is some one’s member number and their name and I can hack into the account. There is no option for me to change passwords.

The old forum notified me when some one replied to a thread I had posted to or subscribed to. You posted to this thread. The only way I knew that occured was to come back here. Not the best feature to encourage use.

I have an ad on the old forum that I will have to re-create if I want it here. And likely I will not re-post.

I am a moderator of a very large RV forum and a user in several other forums, these are a few of the issues I have with the change.  I do not see the current changes in this forum as a step forward, rather as a step back in features and function. The look is fine.