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While I’m DEFINITELY GLAD to be “back IN these forums” I agree w/ the others who yearn for the availablity or archiving of the “Old Forum” it was far more user friendly as others have mentioned. (Features of having an Avatar/Signature w/ useful data such as Date Joined/IMOA Member or not, etc. etc. We also had the ability to “Friend” Folks and dialog further/share thoughts etc. etc. I really miss that! Is ‘ACTION’ still around?? He was a great “Online Bud” for many of us; a knowledgeable and very helpful member — a CREDIT to our small club and “Niche’ Marque” of vehicles AND a great “Recruiter” for not only new members that we desperately need but also to KEEP current members active and periodically “checking in online here.)


 Again, I’m very Thankful Jerry for you getting this up and all and I’ve been “GONE” for awhile due to Military Duties but I feel pretty “lost” here in this new forum and the “Friends” I was comfortable with on the old forum are now “Nowhere to be found” and I’m struggling how to navigate it and I know it will get better, but again, I miss the old/classic format. Particularly the Classifieds Section; it was organized better; had Sections for Cars for Sale/Parts for Sale as well as Misc. and a “Wanted Section” for all of these as well.


 I salute my fellow and Members and “Action” whereever you are; I HOPE You’re still online and I hope to be a more regular user here; even thought it’s a challenge in this “new way…” Losing our Club Directory pains me deeply as well. It was a GREAT WAY for finding fellow members w/ similar cars OR cars I’ve LONG desired to have and I could contact them for advice, Pros and Cons on specific models and years; caveats and importantly, LEADS or potential leads on a fellow member/Dealer or person with that specific model available for sale etc. My Biggest Joy that resulted directly from our Club Directory was that last year I was contacted directly by ‘Collectible Automobile’ Editors because they saw in the Directory that I owned a few Marquis Broughams from the ’71 and ’72 Model Years and they wanted to do a Feature on those cars! I was estatic to say the least and I “celebrated this Moment” on the old forum AND it peaked interest in our Cars, our club and Mercs in general and I was able to “alert” fellow members that my cars were in fact being featured in their great magazine.  I wound up with TWO of my Marquis’ PROMIMENTLY IN the magazine; It was the “APRIL 2010” Issue and my Gold ’72 Made a “Centerfold Piece” and also graced a small section of the back cover and my Brown 71 had several photos of it in the photo feature essay and the “Index” as well.  This NEAT experience would never have happened if those editors hadn’t readily found me and these Marquis that I owned in our Directory….this could’ve been any one of us and involved ANY of our great cars! I KNOW we have to cut our budget and spending somewhere but I’d be happy to pay extra for the “Old Style” Directory maybe every OTHER year or so…maybe even once every 3 years; just to keep the Membership fully informed w/ that data at our fingertips. I take my DIrectory with me on every road trip I make so I can maybe visit someone w/ the same model Mercs I have or am interested in OR, IF I break down I could get advice on WHERE to take my car locally for on the road repairs.  Sorry, I wrote a book here but these are my thoughts…wanted to get the dialog flowing again here…

THANKS for “listening”.