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I have never had a frame off restoration.  In fact, if I drive my car down a tar and chip road and get a little tar on it, then wash it off, it does not detract from the value of my car.  I do open the door, expect the dog and kids to get in, and we do go places.  My storage ranges from a garage heated by virture of the fact that I insulated the garage well, but did not insulate the wall between the house and the garage except for the 3/4 inche styrofoam sheating, to a dirt floor unheated barn.  I always run antifreeze, even in the summer.  It provides rust protection and water pump lube.  It is also convenient not to worry about failing to add antifreeze for cold weather.  Relieving stress on the top is a neat idea, except that when you clamp the top back, after shrinking all winter, it may just tear.  If you happen to let it sit in the sun before you clamp it back the first time, that will soften it a bit.  Putting it fully down all winter and letting it sit for extended periods of time folded, will not be good for the top material or the window.  Keep it stretched tight.  I have heard about jacking the car up to relieve pressure on the tires.  Back when we had nylon cord tires, you got flat spots when they were cold.  Of course, you got flat spots when they were cold when it was 90 degrees, too.

    I think that if you really want to protect your car, a bag with the desecant in it is the best idea.  They sell them all over the hobby press.  Starting it up and letting it run for 15 minutes is guarranteed short exhaust system life.  If you can’t drive it 10 or 15 miles, don’t start it at all.