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Virgil, no PVC before, but I have installed one.  This truck was a recent purchase.  Low pressure turned out to be a rear main seal, and a plugged pickup screen, which now mandates new rod bearings.  Was surprised the bearings were only lightly oil starved.  This engine was recently rebuilt.  The builder used a rubber rear main seal (should have used rope) and it was pinch, hence the rear main leak.  The FOD in the screen looked like the original plastic timing gears got chewed up (too hard to be gasket material) and collected in the pan.  The engine does have steel timing gears now, builder just didn’t clean the block, not sure how you screw this up.  I am fortunate to have a old school FE mechanic that is doing all the work with the engine in the truck.  He works at his own pace, but I can’t argue with the results or the money!