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Hi Archie,

This is what i have: 

The carb is the HOLLEY 2140,  EBY-9510-J-LIST -863-6 (or  G) and  I ‘m pretty sure it is the original ‘teapot’  for my ’54 Mercury’s V8.

On the Intake Manifold it’s more confusing. Mine is stamped  EBY-9425-D   3AJ. What about yours? If you kept the original manifold, what is the P/N on it? 

I also looked in my ’54-’55  Parts Catalogue and  on the Intake Manifold, there is only one listing: ”B5A-9425-D, Manifold (Intake) +ECB-9425-B”, BUT it is listed ONLY for the MC-1955 Mercury ! I could not find an Intake Manifold listing for my MB-1954 model.

I also looked up the  Intake Manifold to Cylinder Head Gaskets, where I  found two different P/N’s  for the ’54 and ’55 models:

EBY-9439-A, RH for the  MB-’54 model  and  B5A-9439-B, also RH for th MC-’55 model


EBY-9441-A, LH for the MB-’54 model and B5A-9441-B also LH for the MC-’55 model..

On my engine all four ports on each side that send mixture from the carb to the cylinders (marked 1 to 8)   are fine, no discoloration. It is only the two middle ports that have the Hot Spots, and I now believe that are connected to the exhusts, to warm-up the manifold and the choke. But I am at a loss why they get so hot, especially since your original set up had no Hot Spots…..

Could it be that we both have the wrong gaskets in there, that allow too much exhaust going through?

Maybe someone more experienced can shed a light here?